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Amla Hair Oil

This oil is an organic form of the purest handpicked amlas planted through the deciduous of tropical India & on the hill slopes upto 2000 mts. It penetrates the scalp & strengthens the hair at the roroots prevents hair loss & delays greying of hair. Amla is considered to be the oldest natural hair conditioner. It also brings forth not only natural shine & soft texture but rejuvenate dry & damaged hair. LET YOUR HAIR SHINE.

Beard & Mooch Oil

A Godsend to those seeking to sprout a manly fizz, this organic oil stimulates new hair growth while nourishing the beard and mooch. It is a blend of natural powerhouse herbs and Vit.B6 to form a potent combination to re-energise hair production. It conditions, smoothens & moisturizes to make the beautiful beard & mooch soft, manageable & frizz free, while also conditioning the skin underneath. GO MANLY.

Sandalwood Body Relaxing Oil

We bring this relaxing oil, which has been usedwidespread across the globe for its therapeutic properties. Sandalwood is known for its frangrance, has a unique property of releasing stress & anxiety that has become so much a part of our lives with endlesstiresome days. It helps to soothe your body & destress your mind and helps you get a brighter, cleaner & flawless skin. LET YOUR SKIN LUXURIATE

Lavender Body Relaxing Oil

We bring this oil from the fields of cape verde& canary islands extracted from the purest lavandula to give your skin an unprecedented experience. It helps harmonise the body & spirit. Lavender exudes a subtle, clean fragrance to unwind stress & anxiety. It eliminates nervous distress, relieves pain, enhances blood circulation after a good body massage with this oil. LET YOUR BODY BE IN NATURE'S LAP.

Hand & Foot Lotion

A bewildering composition that soaks in easily to leave skin soft, smooth & tender, softening & giving a noticeable glow on the skin of your hands & feet. Infused with essential oils & the scent of this lotion instantly calms your nerves & leaves your hands & feet feeling soft, glowing & supple. It also acts as an amazing solution to cracked heel & dry feet. Your feet takes you through the globe & your hands let you experience the world. GIFT YOUR HAND & FEET WHAT THEY DESERVE.


For the first time, let your hair experience exceptional softness & smoothness as well as superb ease of wet combing & detangling. The special formula with rich ingredients helps to restore moisture balance, provides 100% volume without weighing down for flat & lifeless hair. This excellent composition revitalises hair, lifts hair from roots, reconstructs & renews hair & maintains the volume.


A unique composition that offers extra care to the hair damage by providing compatibility & intensive shine to leave your hair feeling like silk. It also helps reconstruction of hair & renews its quality by repairing damaged areas deep inside the hair on its surface. It is designed to improve the fibre & inner cohesion of the hair & to help strengthen & improve resistance against further damage. LOVE YOUR HAIR

Strawberry Scrub Shower Gel

An unprecedented combination of strawberry & melon to nurture your skin & giving it a little more. Strawberry is an amazing source of antioxidants, essential fatty acids & has excellent nourishing properties whereas Melon is rich in Vit B, Vit K, Vit E which has anti ageing properties & this product keeps your skin replenished, hydrated & rejuvenated. TREAT YOUR SKIN WITH A DIFFERENCE.

Lotus Aloevera Scrub Shower Gel

Bringing this divine amalgamation of Lotus & Aloe Vera to add gleamand glow to your skin. Lotus is rich in Vit A, which reduces inflammation, prevents acne & promotes healing. It balances out the oily skin, improves elasticity & hydrates the skin. On the other hand, Aloevera has inflammatory properties & also acts in stimulation of new cells. TREAT YOUR SKIN WITH A LITTLE MORE.

Lavender Scrub Shower Gel

This shower gel is embodied with pure & Organic nectar of Lavandula from the fields of cape verde & Canary islands. It has an excellent property of wrinkle prevention, reduces sunspots & reduces inflammed & itchy skin. It also has an amazing skin lightening property by restoring the bright natural skin tone and relieving the Body of stressed out muscles. TREAT YOUR SKIN WITH CARE.

Silver Scrub Shower Gel

This shower gel comes with the goodness of silver ash, that lightens the skin tone & tone up the texture of the skin. In Ayurveda also, RajatBhasm (silve Ash) was used to nourish skin since it contains the nutrients that helps in cellular renewal. It has unique antibacterial properties along with a soothing exfoliation technique imparted by silver particles. This silver scrub shower gel not only relaxes facial tissues & muscles but also soothens the skin with care. TREAT YOUR SKIN WITH SILVER

Rain-forest Shower Gel

A blend of nature & an amazing signature scrub that awaken your senses. This shower gel softens & Conditions your skin with extra care. It's subtle, sophisticated & warming scent refresh your mind & senses & leaves skin feel softer. It contains certified organic cracked walnut shells to gently exfoliate the skin naturally & is considered to be the best way to treat dead skin cells & removing dirt & oil. The splash of rainforest scrub shower gel refreshes & soothes the senses making your bath a highly invigorating & soulful experience. GIFT LIFE TO YOUR BODY

Petroleum Jelly

Gift your skin a versatile product that is a one stop shop for all your skin problems. It acts as a protective barrier which locks moisture to protect your skin from the drying effect of the sun, wind & cold. It also helps to treat minor cuts, burns & tackle dry skin patches. It is 100% pure and can even be used on sensitive areas like around the eyes & even helps to treat the nappy rash in infants. It also rejuvenates dull skin, hydrates it & also creates a dewy glow & tender feel on your lips

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